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Precision is our expertise

“The Oven Is On”

boutique style center for health and fitness

The Cakery by MarFit exists for one reason, and that is to constantly challenge and lead our clients to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness and lifestyle goal they can reach.

Personal Training

From training to nutrition, everything is tailored to help you meet your goals in a sustainable and effective way. 

Intimate environment

designed to give customized and detailed health plans for each individual based on their fitness goals. 


Bringing you closer to your fitness goals with state of the art equipment in our sleek and polished facility. 


“MARFIT FOR LIFE! This is THE cutest gym you have ever been to, I promise. Mar makes it fun, is honest, and keeps you going. Plus he personalizes everything so that it works for you and your fitness goals. I never lifted weights before coming to him a year ago and am amazed at how strong you can become with his guidance and encouragement! #bakincakesallday”
Jordan White

“Marlon is very straight to point trainer from the start. My first time meeting him he asked what my diet was like and what I wanted to accomplish. My first training session was no joke, he means business and is going to get you in shape. Be prepared for intense but effective workouts, targeted to your fitness goals.”
Christina Armendariz


the cakery

Gym H0urs

Monday-Sunday: 5am - 6pm